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Glass matting liquid IVSATIN.

Concentrate. Increased number of cycles
matting compared to liquids from others
manufacturers. Cheaper analogues, respectively,
have a very small resource of work. You can get a marriage from the second or
third glass. Be careful when choosing a manufacturer!
Matting time - from 10 seconds.
PET packaging:  Net weight – 49 oz / 1100 ml
Conditionally safe. Warranty period of validity 3 years.
0,24 gal / 49 oz - $18
1,1 gal/ 14 lb - $70

To order
IVSATIN glass etching liquid is intended for matting glass surfaces that cannot be processed with a matting paste, for example, glass or a large format mirror, volumetric glass objects of irregular shape, etc. Processing is carried out by immersion in a liquid, pouring liquid into a glass, spraying with a spray gun (not recommended). The exposure time of the liquid on the glass from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Over time, the etching density of the glass surface changes from a translucent “fog” to saturated milky white satin (on the mirror).
With IVSATIN glaze, you can partially or completely etch any voluminous glass objects of complex curvilinear shape, such as wine glasses, vases, ashtrays, bulbs, bottles, not only empty, but also with drinks to create an exclusive gift option. Examples in our gallery.

Attention! Many of our imitators appeared on the network, whose compositions for glass etching, to put it mildly, do not correspond to the declared characteristics in any parameter. Moreover, they copy the description and characteristics of products from our website and place them in their ads and on their websites. Be careful when choosing a supplier! Check out the photos and videos to see the features of the products they sell.
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