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Matting a large mirror in the interior

The buyer of the video course IVSATIN “Secret of Glass”, our partner Maxim K., kindly shared with us a photo report about his performed liable order for a restaurant.
As part of his marketing campaign, he received an order for matting large-area images. On a mirror measuring 4300 * 1600 mm, it was necessary to apply a matte pattern - a symbol and legend of the city of Baku - the Maiden’s Tower. Quite a lot of time was spent searching for high-quality photos in making a stencil. However, when the photograph was found, the result satisfied everyone. Here's what happened:
Since the tower is 1000 mm x 1500 mm in size, it was decided to divide the stencil in half, along the pattern, to facilitate its application to the mirror. Next, the stencil was glued to the mirror, and the entire area around the picture was carefully covered with polyethylene. (to keep from accidental contact with the matting paste). A drain for water was made from the same film during subsequent washing of the mirror. Paste was washed off with a hand spray gun, which is used to spray flowers /garden, and a sponge with soap. The paste was applied, as well, in two passes and the border was a junction of two mirrors; so there were no traces left.
Here is how it was:
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