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designer without the experience and art education.
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Unique recipe. Special technology. Own laboratory.
12 years in close collaboration with world-class scientists from the Research Institute of Solution Chemistry.
The compositions have been refined over several years, taking into account market requirements.
No surrogate. Reusable products. For any area of glass.
Our high quality products are recognized in many countries around the world.
Only we can deliver anywhere in the world by air.
We are trusted by the largest manufacturers of glass products.
Permanent competent consultations of technologists by phone.
We work without days off 24 hours a day.
An individual approach to each client, low prices for premium goods, discount system.
What is our site about
Since immemorial times, people have always tried to decorate their home in all possible ways. Remember cave painting? Today people's desire for beauty has not diminished. We try to give a unique look and express our individuality to every detail of the interior in our apartment. We want curtains to hang on the windows that others don't have. We are pleased with the paints on the walls; harmoniously combined with furniture and the same curtains.
A man in his apartment is surrounded by many glass objects. These are all types of utensils (glasses, wine glasses, vases, ashtrays, furniture, coffee tables, shelving, aquariums, mirrors, glass on windows, interior doors, and etc.). However, all these elements are often simply transparent and invisible.
Our task is to teach you how quickly everything can be changed and decorated. In other words, you can make glass opaque using unique materials - IVSATIN matting compounds. On the pages of this site we will tell you about this unique method and teach you everything! Grab an IVSATIN Glass Matting Paste. Correct this situation and give glass products a new look.
IVSATIN glass matting paste is the best solution for both amateurs and professionals.
With IVSATIN matting compounds you can easily not only decorate your interior, but also earn good money by providing services for the art of glass matting.