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Bathtub (tray) for etching glass in IVSATIN liquid. Under the bathtub, it will be necessary to make a frame on the legs so that the bathtub lies exactly along the bottom and does not bend anywhere under the weight of the liquid (otherwise the liquid will drain to one edge). The legs on the sides can be bolted, after that you can simply rotate them along the frame, loosening the bolts, and put the entire structure vertically next to the wall.
This way the pallet will take up very little space. Before filling the bath, a level must be set. You cannot fill the entire bath, but limit the glass or mirror to the side with  plasticine (putty modeling clay). A height of 2-3 cm.
The thickness of the plastic for the bath is from 6 mm or more. But the thicker the better, because with large bath sizes, thin PVC plastic will bend a lot.
This is very inconvenient when working, because such a weight in a large area gives a very unstable design.
The slightest kink of the bath causes the flow of all the fluid to one edge.
You must set the level of the bath before filling, first try with water.
That is why it is necessary to use thick plastic to make a bath, although it is more expensive.
Despite the fact that a small piece of plastic seems tough, as soon as you make a large bath, you will immediately see all the flexibility. After matting, the liquid should be immediately drained back into the canister.
The glue for PVC is called Cosmofen. But be careful! Glue cyanoacrylate. Inhalation of vapor can cause pulmonary edema. The manufacture of a bathtub (pallet) is best ordered by specialists.You do not need to buy a whole sheet of plastic.
They have tools and technologies for precision sheet cutting, as well as proven bonding technology.
In addition, you can put in front of them a prerequisite - the complete tightness of the seams. You yourself cannot achieve this. What happens if fluid starts to leak? So it will be much cheaper to order from them.

Prices are set by the masters themselves depending on the cost of the material and the labor expended. They also look at sandblasting prices. As a rule, the cost of 1 square meter of chemical matting of glass is 1.5-2 times higher than sandblasting. You must immediately inform the customer that chemical etching of glass is an expensive service. But there are many advantages compared to sandblasting: you do not need to constantly treat it with a hydrophobic liquid, and stains from dirty fingers do not remain. If you scratch the sandblasted glass with your fingernail, the white strip will remain almost forever, as the sandblasted glass works like sandpaper. But sandblasting on clear glass looks whiter than chemical matting. In general, there are pros and cons. But the decor is not for the poor, you need to prepare the client for this from the very beginning.
For example. The price for 1 sq. m of continuous matting and matte patterns should be different (just like the prices for chemical matting of transparent glass and chemical matting of a mirror should be different). Let's say, on a glass area of 1 sq. m it is necessary to apply a matte pattern scattered throughout the glass. In this case, the total area of the image itself is small.  
Although the picture is scattered throughout the glass the total area is small. A small amount of glass etching liquid will be spent on it, but a fee will be charged for the entire glass area (this is 4 times the size of the picture). In addition to, when matting in a liquid form (if not with a paste), it will be necessary to protect the back of the glass with ORACAL film. This is an additional cost, which means an increase in price by 1 sq.m.
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