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Cream-paste for glass etching IVSATIN-Home

PET packaging:  Net weight – 28 oz.
Packing in a larger container is possible. During prolonged storage, the cream paste does not crystallize. For full continuous coverage of 1 sq. M surface requires at least 35 oz of HOME paste. Conditionally safe. Warranty period of validity, 2 years. Analogs by characteristics are not known.
We can make any packing of paste.
28 oz - $39
10 lbs - $159

To order
The cost of delivering a package to the United States and Canada by EMS courier mail, depending on the weight of the package.
*The price may vary depending on the dollar to ruble exchange rate.

1 can in the USA, Canada (0,8 kg, 28 oz) - $46
2 cans in the USA, Canada (0,8 kg, 28 oz) - $57
3 cans in the USA, Canada (0,8 kg, 28 oz) - $64
4 cans in the USA, Canada (0,8 Kg, 28 oz) - $70
5 cans in the USA, Canada (0,8 kg, 28 oz) - $77
6 cans in the USA, Canada (0,8 kg, 28 oz) - $84

Matting cream is a white or beige mass with a weak specific smell. Developed by our technologists in 2018. IVSATIN-home paste, as the name implies, is intended for those who like to work at home. Cream-paste IVSATIN-home is intended both for the artistic matting of glass (granite, ceramics and other similar materials with a high silicon content in it) by the chemical method, and for continuous background matting of glass or a mirror.
This composition is easily applied to glass due to its creamy consistency, providing a dense matte on any surface of the glass, regardless of the glass area.
This is the first composition on the market that gives the most homogeneous “satin” without streaks.
When applying the paste on a oil-free glass surface after exposure for 1-10 minutes the glass becomes dull, that is, it loses its absolute transparency.
The light transmission of the glass is maintained.
The minimum thickness of the matted cream layer for continuous matting when applied with a rubber mop, is 1 mm. The optimum layer thickness is 3 mm. For the inscription of the brush - a layer of 0.2 mm.
It is also acceptable to apply the paste with a swab. When applied with a brush, you can make a beautiful gift inscription on a glass object.
The IVSATIN-home paste is reusable. It is ideal for buying large and small lots for the purpose of subsequent sale. For wholesale customers, we will develop and produce our own labels for cans according to the specified parameters or to the customer's sketch.
Each time you use the paste while it is on the glass, the liquid evaporates from the surface of the paste. This means that after each use, the paste will become thicker; which will adversely affect the matting quality of subsequent glasses. Therefore, it is recommended to always maintain the initial consistency of the paste. This is achieved by diluting the paste with IVSATIN glass etching liquid.

Attention! Many of our imitators appeared on the network, whose compositions for glass etching, to put it mildly, do not correspond to the declared characteristics in any parameter. Moreover, they copy the description and characteristics of products from our website and place them in their ads and on their websites. Be careful when choosing a supplier! Check out the photos and videos to see the features of the products they sell.
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